Peter Andrew MarshPeter A Marsh

Flight Sergeant RAAF


Links to photos and related web sites

Peter was shot down on 21 Jan 1944 on an air-raid over Magdeburg, Germany.

  • Training School, R.A.A.F. 1942 Class photo
  • Gunner's log book (PDF 2.5MB)
  • Peter's Path Finders crew JB299 (UK)
  • Various photos of Peter
  • "Fly By Night" the Path finders web site
  • The German pilot thought to have shot down Lancaster JB299. Helmut Lent Helmut Lent
  • You can read more in the book
    "... and crashed burning.": Fates of British and German airmen in World War II
    Written by Jörg Helbig and Jörg Andreé
    ISBN: 978-3-938845-36-3.
    Peter's plane is described on pages pages 199 to 203. It is, however, in German. This is a translation...
  • About the Lancaster bomber plane Peter flew in as upper-gunner


PDFs of letters

  • Last letter from Peter to parents
  • Letter from RAF Bourn advising of failure to return
  • Telegram advising of loss
  • Letter advising of loss
  • Letter advising presumed dead
  • Letter from Mr and Mrs Roberts (PDF 248kB)
  • Letter from Josephine Norman to Peter's family
  • Second letter from Josephine Norman